tired, and yet…

Me on Sunday:

Today I am tired. I’m tired of things not working. I’m tired of the water pump running even when the faucets are off for some mysterious reason. I’m tired of my hair dryer’s main use being thawing frozen pipes. And frozen pipes in general. And pumping water. And the dwindling propane gauge and the fear associated with it. And being cold.

I’m not tired of life at Circular Lodgic, but today I am tired.

Today I’m missing space. And moving from one room to another without needing shoes and jackets. And convenience. And my sink. And hot water immediately.

But, on the other hand, today we skied in breathtakingly beautiful woods. Winter had frosted all the tree limbs like they were cupcakes. They bent with the weight of their own beauty.

The small trees’ sides were blasted with snow that stuck in stripes all across their middles. We skied on freshly groomed single track as the poodles pranced on ahead, having forgotten their mission of running their dog booties off.

The trails feel like they’re deep in the backwoods, while really you’re four miles from Walmart. We met happy dogs and dog owners, including one pooch with a brightly striped sweater that he was very proud of.

And while I came home to frozen pipes, I’d say all things considered, life is pretty beautiful today in the UP. Wouldn’t you?








4 thoughts on “tired, and yet…

  1. Ah, yes, life is beautiful but it’s not always easy. Adventures would never be adventures if everything went perfectly as planned, if hot water appeared instantly and the things we take for granted were always there. Think of Heimo, of Sacagewa with the Corp of Discovery, of the many non-native Alaskans who decided to live off the land…and stories will come from there. You will not always be struggling, you will not always be cold, and someday your hair dryer will be tucked away for its original purpose. Hold onto the stories, the memories and and the triumph.

    And soon, you’ll be in a warm house, running from room to room barefoot, and taking hot baths and showers for our visit!

    Love you both!


  2. Darn, it didn’t take my post. I wanted to say that adventures and alternate lifestyles wouldn’t be such if everything went as planned, if the water never froze, if the amenities we take for granted were there instantly. The best part of problems is that you solve them one way or another and learn something that will never leave your psyche! And the stories you tell are richer for the struggle. No one would be crying today if Nelson Mandela didn’t struggle, no one would be quoting this great man.

    So when it seems impossible, think of someone like him, and tell yourself, “I can do this; I don’t like it, but I can do this and I’ll be richer for the experience.”

    And soon, soon, you’ll be sitting in a warm house, running barefoot from room to room, with no pipes to thaw, no water to get, and surrounded by love to get you pumped for the rest of winter at Circular Lodgic. Let us know how we can help you out! You know the director of the Little Brothers lived off the grid there for several winters when he was younger…do you want me to contact him for some suggestions?

    You can do it! All my love…mom


  3. You are becoming an amazing, strong, problem-solving person. Wow! I listen to you share your experiences and even when you are tired of it all you still find a way to be positive. How proud your families must be of you both. Give the “girls” a hug from us.
    You will be ready for anything.


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