an astounding feat

Last night another storm rolled in, blanketing Circular Lodgic with another several inches of snow. In the midst of this, we were still unable to pump water, despite an hour of blow drying exposed sections of pipe. It looks like the frozen part might be buried. Completely out of water, I drove to the market and bought 9 gallons of water so we could not die of dehydration and so we could cook.



Also, the radio transmitter for the plow stopped pulling the winch in, leaving us stuck without a plow. Eventually I problem solved, so if we leave the window down a smidge, we can use the manual switch through it. I plowed while Bryan tried unsuccessfully to get the water going.

It’s not like we have never lived with stored water before, so we worked together to wash up and went back to our typical summer mode for the night and morning.

And while it’s a bit hard to wake up and smile when you’re facing difficulties, I dropped Bryan off at school, headed to the hardware store and bought 100 feet of pex piping in order to pump water. Since the one in the ground is frozen, we’ll now have to roll this one up after each pumping and store it in the a-frame.

Now, for the astounding feat:

I walked into the hardware store this morning, got 100 feet of pex piping, walked to the counter, and asked to borrow their pex crimping tool (this is the tool that allows you to make fittings which allow you to connect the pieces) which they rent out to customers. I pulled out the fittings and the piece and assembled it. The hardware store employee said he hoped I knew how to use it because he hadn’t ever used one. I assured him that I did. In front of him and three other people, I crimped the piece together without a speck of trouble. The contractor next to me in line said, “Looks like you know what you’re doing, eh?” I explained that a few months ago I wouldn’t have known what the hell that tool was but that necessity called. I left reflecting on this instead of on to the difficulty of things waiting at home (the frozen pipes, the ripped open walls, the bins in the middle of the yurt holding clothes there is no room for, the call from the gas company saying they couldn’t make it up the driveway to fill our tank). In four months both Bryan and I have learned countless trades. Bryan the electrician. Meryl the carpenter. Both of us plumbers. It’s pretty impressive what you can absorb and accomplish in four months.

So today, rather than fretting or feeling frustrated about what’s gone wrong, I’m choosing to celebrate what has gone right and all that we’ve learned along the way.

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