Update: By 10/27 that pile was to the roof and one of the side walls was starting to be filled.

One of the tasks for the building inspectors was to remove our vent-free propane heaters and install vented (read: big hole in the wall) heaters instead. Since these are 3 times as expensive as the ones we already bought, we just bought one for the a-frame. We were busy with the wood stove last weekend, so this Saturday, Bryan put in the heater. It has a thermostat, so we can just set it to 60 degrees and leave it. It’s great! DSC_0004DSC_0011 DSC_0009Meanwhile, I got most of the front and back walls all tongue and grooved! . On Sunday, Bryan re-plumbed the gas line to the yurt with building inspector approved yellow coated copper (even though the gas company had put in the other stuff…) and I hung the old shingles back on the a-frame since they had fallen off. Can you tell which ones I put on??? It’ll do! Bryan also buried the water line so it won’t freeze and installed a shut off valve at the end so that after we pump water, we can flush the pipe out so it doesn’t freeze.DSC_0016 DSC_0017 We also got used metal roofing for the woodshed, which we clearly need to put on this week since the snow is here!  I even had time to make banana cake with cream cheese frosting. DSC_0019 AND Bryan chopped the wood he collected last weekend and we have the back of the shed full from just a few hours of work. DSC_0014


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