bon hiver!

Bon hiver, friends! In Cicely, Alaska, the beloved town in Northern Exposure (the greatest show known to man), on the day of the first snowfall, everyone heads to the streets wishing one another bon hiver, or a good winter. Here in the UP, it appears that winter is stretching its legs and heading our way, so here’s to a lovely winter full of sparkling snow, freshly groomed ski tracks, and warm fires!DSC_0070 DSC_0071


Today I did chores like going to the laundromat, but I also went for a long hike at the Maahsto Hiito trails. I was feeling pretty confident when an hour in I hadn’t gotten lost at all. I didn’t have a good track record with these trails, but I even tempted fate by trying a new entrance that I thought would get me to the prettiest parts fastest. When I was nearly back to my trailhead, I misunderstood the map and continued on down a trail that was taking me farther and farther from my car. Alas, it was a gift! As the pups and I rounded a bend in the river, we scared up a Great Blue Heron. I didn’t want to miss it with my eyes by fumbling for my camera, so I just watched it take flight and head down the river. I have never been that close to a heron before and from twenty feet, you can really appreciate their enormity! Those big, dusty blue wings barely fit between the trees along the tiny river’s shores. I’m sad I don’t have a photo to share of the moment, but it was worth it to take in its grace. This late fall day brought scattered snow showers to my hike, but I still managed to get some nice photos. DSC_0024








One thought on “bon hiver!

  1. Wow!!! with my broken arms I’ve been out of touch with the blog, and am catching up, but you missy meryl are becoming a stellar photographer!!!! Love the one 3rd one up with carpet of leaves and the dark trunk in foreground. That is my favorite…you live in a very pretty place!!!!!

    love mom


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