getting electricity, running water, etc.

After the wall coverings and loft were removed, it was time for more constant work time. Because of the generosity of friends and family, we had people coming in on the weekends to help us with specific tasks. Before they arrived, we had big projects to get done so that they could do their thing while they were here.

First, we needed Joel, off-grid setter-upper extraordinairre. He built a cabin in Alaska and set it up to be off the grid and then he did it again on our friend Cliff’s bus home. By the time he got to our place, he practically had the deal memorized.

Before his arrival, we needed to plug holes (Great Stuff became my frenemie), then insulate the cabin, put a new non-smelly loft up, and build the wall that would separate the kitchen and bath space. Some of that we actually did get done before his arrival, some of it happened while he was trying to work around us.

He worked his ass off for the entire time he was here, which was less than 48 hours and by the time he left, we had electricity, running water, hot water, propane plumbed in, and our generator and battery running the power. We were in awe.

I cannot tell you how glorious that first hot shower was, especially after a summer without them. I’ll make a post later about the details of our setup. It’s pretty badass, actually. We often look around and thank Joel for those two days.

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