setting sail

About a month ago, we had just heard that the easement for our driveway had finally been signed by our to-be-neighbor and our dream of being land owners was not going to fall through. We were about to pack up, leave Vermont (not a day too soon either – except for leaving our lovely friends), and we really needed that news. We dropped my professor’s car [and guinea pigs] off in Ann Arbor and drove all the way through Michigan to camp at the land, drop off the yurt, and then head home to Minnesota get more stuff. DSCN2109

When we drove up the driveway very late at night, it was bouncy, overgrown, and we had to get a running start to make it up with the trailer on. We drove the hundred more feet from the driveway’s top to the a-frame and were surprised by the two foot tall weeds all over. We cracked a Keweenaw Brewing Company beer, made a toast, and set up our tent right on top of all the weeds and right in front of the a-frame. We had dreams of cool fall nights, round lattice walls, and lofted beds.


A month and a lot of eradicated mice later, and we have things situated, but it has been a busy, busy, month and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell the story of that journey.

So, bit by bit, I’ll tell the stories leading up to today, including hantavirus worries, lumber store trips (and then more lumber store trips), an anniversary, Xena the cat’s introduction to yurt life, and saying goodbye to our house to make a new home in the Keweenaw.

One thought on “setting sail

  1. And tomorrow is a very special day! Twenty-nine years ago I was the proud mother of a delightful baby girl who made my life special from that day forward…I hope you have a marvelously fabulous birthday tomorrow. Expect some singing!


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