life at circular lodgic has begun

Photo09021245The yurt is raised. The yurt loft has risen from the depths. Art is on walls. The a-frame has some pine walls and some pink insulation walls. It has a loft too. We have electricity, running water, a delightful composting toilet, hot showers, and a lot more work to do. Bryan has started his maths at MTU. I have continued the work at home and am getting closer and closer to starting substitute teaching. Without too long a post, I wanted to give an update about our new life in the round. To sum it up in short, we’ve been working hard and almost nonstop since we got home from Vermont, but we often look around and get giddy, so life is pretty sweet.

Photo09060833 Photo09071808_1 Photo09071808Photo09041725_2

6 thoughts on “life at circular lodgic has begun

  1. Boss says:

    You’re blog needs a better picture selection and some links to click on. Otherwise the reader will get bored and find another site to visit. Let’s see some more exterior picks so we see what the Yurt area looks like…


    • lucc0006 says:

      Boss, The yurt area was purposely omitted from the blog post because it looks like we’re trashballs right now. Once it looks presentable and people won’t be afraid to drive near the area for fear of shotgun-wielding rednecks, we’ll be sure to post pictures. Since we have our first visitors arriving this weekend, this is in the week’s plans. Also, bored readers are encouraged to dabble in this blog, returning once they’ve had their visual fix at Regards, Me


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